Prof. Nirbhay Kumar

 HOD (Electrical Engineering)

Electrical Engineering came into existence from the fact that it is comparatively easy to convert any form of energy to electrical energy and then back to the original form as and when required. We deeply study about the generation, transmission & distribution and are always concerned about the reliability, efficiency, and protection of the electrical system. The vast opportunity in this field can be imagined from the fact that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has declared that India will achieve developed country status by 2047.One of the metrics for developed countries is per capita electricity consumption, India’s per capita electricity consumption was 1255 kWh in 2021-22, which is around one-third of the global average. This gap offers a tremendous opportunity for work in the field of electrical engineering in the form of infrastructure and research.

The Electrical Engineering department offers Eight Semester B. Tech with an intake capacity of sixty. The Department has qualified and motivated faculty members with various specializations. With the mix of experience from both industry and academic we impart professionalism to budding technocrats by providing quality education and mould young minds to be technically competent. We are equipped with different laboratories; like Electrical Machine Lab, Basic Electrical Engineering Lab, Microprocessor Lab, and Computer based simulation Lab. At the institute level we also offer few interdisciplinary labs like e-Yantra Robotics Lab and Incubation centers to groom young mind and make them industry ready.