Prof. Ankit Chaurha (Faculty)


Prof. Ankit Chaurha

Assistant Professor,
Mechanical Engineering

9993417102   |   [email protected]

M.Tech in Engineering Analysis and Design from IIT- Delhi
B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from UIT-RGPV
Professional Experience
Experience is in detailed Engineering, Erection and Commissioning in Demineralised Plant, Cryogenic Nitrogen plant In HURL
Experience is in detailed Engineering and Commissioning in GTG (Gas Turbine Generation), Boiler, STG (Steam Turbine Generation), IAC (Instrument Air Compressor) and Dryer in HURL
List Of Publications
Chaurha, A., Malaji, P. V., Mukhopadhyay, T. (2022). Dual functionality of vibration attenuation and energy harvesting: Effect of gradation on non-linear multi-resonator metastructures. The European Physical Jour- nal Special Topics, 1-11.
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